How smart building controls and building efficiency are revolutionizing the way they are built and maintained

Agpiping January Blog Post 1 | A&G Piping

What is Building Automation?

The trend nowadays is for all devices, systems, machinery, anything, to become “smart.” What this means is it is interconnected with the other things around it. In fact, the actual term is the “Internet of Things.” This is especially true when it comes to buildings and their major functions. In the past, systems like HVAC, security, lighting, building access, connectivity or any other major systems all ran separately for each other. But like in many systems, there is efficiency to be found when they all work together and are controllable from a single interface. Building automation systems allow you to see these settings at a glance, better manage them, and therefore optimize your company’s energy spending.

Remote user interfaces allow for easier control

In the past, these diverse systems were controlled by proprietary systems which means that even if you wanted to connect your security system with your lighting, you wouldn’t be able to if they were made by different manufacturers. Now, these controls are browser-based which means a single user can control and monitor the systems from a single interface such as a laptop, tablet, or even their smartphone. Say your building needs to operate on a particularly hot day. The HVAC will more than likely be working overtime but with smart controls, you can make sure the system isn’t operating more than it needs to be and can adjust the system remotely if needed.

Easy controls make things much more efficient

When you have an easy way to control and monitor these systems, their overall use becomes more efficient. This lowers operating costs and energy consumption. As an example, let’s say your facility has 30 pumps that have separate manual controls. To make an adjustment a worker would have to go to each to make the adjustment which could take a few hours to do properly. With automated controls, all of those pumps would be tied to the same interface. A single interface can set all 30 pumps to the same setting or they can be adjusted to set half to on and half to off, or any number of configurations with a few touches. This kind of control not only allows for greater efficiency through better time management, but you can monitor these systems at a single glance to determine the best configuration.

This is a simple example for a single function. Imagine the impact that automated controls could have when applied to all functions of your building. Imagine how much easier building security can be when tied to a single interface. Or how easily you can adjust the HVAC in your office building to adjust for holidays. Or how building access can be remotely denied or granted during building off hours. The applications are endless and so are the benefits.  Call A&G Piping today and we can show you how building automation can streamline your property, regardless of what you do.