Sanitation and Efficiency for Health Care Piping

Health Care Piping

At A&G Piping we have many years of experience working in healthcare facilities. The secret to our success is our quality installers and managers. We understand the requirements and expectations of working in a Health Care facility and keeping patient care interruption to a minimum. We work with the facility managers to schedule and plan the work around the facility schedule. Quality and timely projects are a must in the health care industry and is therefore a high priority to A&G Piping.

Five Piping Design Requirements:

Durability, support, efficiency, aesthetic, and specifications

Health Care Challenges

In health care facilities the plumbing system provides many challenges for the technicians. Keeping these challenges in consideration, A&G focuses on the designs and procedures that can effect the maintenance of your systems’ components. Most common challenges include;

  • Costly repairing of hospitals showers, sinks, and toilets
  • Pipe system maintenance for water, air, and gas
  • Operation of drains
  • Waste water lines
  • Keeping with the modernizing rules and regulations

However, at A&G, we know that sanitary standards are much higher in the health care industry when compared to other industries. That is why A&G provides its customers the best possible healthcare facilities with a sanitary and health grade plumbing and piping process.