Sanitation and Efficiency for Healthcare Piping

Health Care Piping

A&G Piping has many years of experience working in healthcare facilities. The secret to our success is our quality installers and managers. We understand the requirements and expectations of working in a healthcare facility and keeping patient care interruption to a minimum. We work with facility managers to schedule and plan our work around the facility schedule. Quality and timely projects are a must in the healthcare industry and therefore high priorities to A&G Piping.

Five Piping Design Requirements:

Durability, support, efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and specifications

Healthcare Challenges

In healthcare facilities, plumbing systems provide many challenges for technicians. Keeping this in mind, A&G focuses on the designs and procedures that can affect the maintenance of your systems’ components. Most common challenges include:

  • Costly repairs to showers, sinks, and toilets
  • Pipe system maintenance for water, air, and gas
  • Operation of drains
  • Wastewater lines
  • Keeping in line with modernizing rules and regulations

However, at A&G, we know that sanitary standards are much higher in the health care industry compared to other industries. That’s why A&G provides its customers the best possible healthcare facilities with a sanitary and health-grade plumbing and piping process.