Customized metal fabrication following skid-mounted assemblies

Pharmaceutical Industry Requirements

A&G provides specialized solutions to the pharmaceutical industry by offering customized metal fabrication following skid-mounted assemblies. A&G industrial and commercial departments work in piping solutions that integrate the most advanced computerized technology for design and engineering that include sanitary piping, utility piping, high-purity process systems, and industrial gas solutions.

A&G knows that piping systems are essential to any pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Piping is the core part of a facility’s design, and every single design needs to be up to ASME standards. Health and sanitation equipment should include fluid indicators and different piping materials, according to pharmaceutical industry requirements.

Criteria Required in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The documentation of all work and installation must follow good manufacturing practices. A&G Pipping follows all regulations set by customers and the ASME. The A&G pipe design specialists have extensive experience in meeting international codes such as ASME and BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment Standard) including many other regulations. Before entering the pharmaceutical industry, A&G developed competencies to create the best design, installation, fabrication, and process piping.

Bioprocessing Equipment Standard

A&G Piping follows all pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations set forth by the BPE.




  1. Alcon Laboratories: We have been the preferred vendor for mechanical and process piping for Alcon Laboratories since 1990. At A&G we perform all sides of construction including process piping. This includes the system of pipes that transport industrial gas, fluids, fuels, and industrial products. We also perform biopharmaceutical process piping for making a fissure-free, smooth welding material. We have 27 years of experience in working at Alcon by providing reliability, performance, and efficiency in multiple industrial applications.
  2. General Chemical Company: A&G has completed repairs of multiple reactors and installed new piping systems for the company’s facility in Celina, TX. ASME reactor work consisted of replacing an entire section of the shell (constructed of Alloy 20) of three reactors while the top heads remained in place.