Business owners and property managers need maintenance strategies that maximize their equipment and systems’ efficiency without driving up utility costs. That’s where a building automation system (BAS) comes in. This type of control system allows you and your colleagues to monitor your systems’ operations closely and digitally control your HVAC, lighting, and security settings through a single platform. Here are several reasons you should invest in a BAS:

Simplified Energy Management

With a BAS, you can use HVAC controls to make sure your HVAC system is using only as much as it needs to heat, cool, and ventilate your building properly. For instance, you can enter temperature set points into a programmable thermostat. This option keeps your HVAC system operating at a level that maximizes energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

You can also use building automation controls to manage your lighting system. As with HVAC system controls, you can configure and control the lighting for a particular space. That way, your lighting system uses the proper amount of energy.

These energy management controls also help you perform proactive maintenance on your energy systems. With lighting and HVAC controls in place, you can quickly spot any damaged fixtures or components. Then you can have them repaired or replaced before major problems develop.

Straightforward Systems Integration

When you have a BAS installed, you can manage your building operations systems on a single platform. This means you can check your security settings right after you set your thermostat controls. That way, you don’t have to check each system’s operations manually or use different platforms to manage them. By bundling all of your systems together with a BAS, you can manage them quickly and efficiently. You can also use it to devise communications protocols that you and your colleagues can use to let each other know you’ve found problems with a particular system.

Increased Property Value

Installing a building automation system increases the existing building’s property value. A property with an automated building management system in place is appealing to commercial buyers, like property management companies, who want real estate with modern technologies installed. If you’re considering selling your property in the next few years, you should consider installing a BAS so you can improve the property’s value and get an optimal price for it.

Integrated Systems Control for the DFW Area

At A&G Piping, we work to integrate your systems for maximum energy efficiency and easy system monitoring. Our A&G Control systems put your HVAC, lighting, and security systems into one simple platform where you can manage those operations yourself. If you would like a consultation or if you have any questions about our BAS-related services, contact us today.