There are two types of HVAC systems maintenance: preventive and reactive. With reactive maintenance, you wait until a major breakdown occurs to have the system serviced. With preventive maintenance, you schedule annual or semi-annual maintenance checks performed by a certified technician. They inspect your system for wear and tear and any small problems, and they repair or replace any worn out or broken components. To receive preventive HVAC maintenance, you’ll have to enter into a preventive maintenance contract with an HVAC maintenance company like A&G Piping. Here’s what you should look for in an HVAC maintenance contract before you sign one:


Look at the services the company offers. Do they tailor their services to meet your business’s specific needs, or do they offer the same cookie-cutter service plans to all their clients? You want tailored services, not cookie-cutter ones. Make sure the company writes the contract specifically for your business and the services it needs. You’ll want to examine the company’s contract closely to make sure that your commercial HVAC system is receiving the care that it needs and deserves. 

Also, since you’re a contract customer, you should receive priority service, and that should be stated in the contract, too. Essentially, you should make sure the company is prioritizing your business’s HVAC needs and requirements, and not trying to box you into a limited preventive maintenance program.

Clearly Outlined Responsibilities

The contract should outline which parts, materials, and repairs are your business’s responsibility and which ones the maintenance company will cover and service. For instance, a preventive maintenance plan can include changing your system’s air filters, but you can also perform that task. You both should devise commercial HVAC maintenance checklists. These will help you and the company determine if you’ve performed the preventive maintenance tasks you’re responsible for. The company should work with you to determine who covers what before you finalize the maintenance contract.

Emergency Service

The maintenance agreement should spell out which types of emergencies will be covered and what the company’s response time will be. Make sure you read this part carefully because HVAC emergencies often happen on short notice, so you’ll want to know which kinds of emergencies your contract covers before disaster strikes. If you don’t, you may assume a particular kind of emergency is covered, only to find out that it’s not when you contact the maintenance company after the emergency occurs.

Maintenance Frequency

The company you partner with should work with you to determine how often maintenance visits will occur and what they will cover. This is where a maintenance checklist will come in handy. This aspect of your partnership must be outlined in the contract for your relationship with the maintenance company to work. If you’re not on the same page about how often your heating and cooling system’s maintenance will occur, your system will not receive the care it needs.

HVAC Maintenance That Meets Your Needs

At A&G Piping, we offer maintenance and repair services that reduce unexpected downtime and increase your heating and air conditioning system’s lifespan. When you partner with us, we’ll give you peace of mind by keeping your HVAC system running well. If you’re interested in our preventive maintenance services or any of our other services, contact us today!