When it comes to commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, you have a few choices. Each permutation of HVAC comes with its own advantages, however, rooftop unit (rtu) HVACs provide some rather exciting benefits you won’t find in the others. These benefits have made rtu HVACs one of the most commonly used heating and cooling solutions for commercial businesses. 

What is RTU HVAC and What Advantages Do They Offer?

Did you know that almost half of all commercial buildings in the United States use rooftop HVAC units? Rtu HVACs have been around since the early 1900s. They were often installed in urban neighborhoods where there wasn’t enough space between buildings to install them on the side of a building. Generally speaking, where an HVAC is placed is usually decided during the design phase of a commercial building. However, in situations where an aging HVAC needs to be replaced, a building owner may consider moving an HVAC to the roof. 

Here are a few benefits these systems offer.

Space Savings

A rtu HVAC really comes in handy when real estate is at a premium. Ground-level HVACs require a designated area where the equipment can be installed. This space could be used for more desirable purposes like landscaping or extra parking. Conversely, every component of a rooftop unit comes as a single package that fits on top of your roof, freeing up room for other things. 


One of the biggest advantages of rooftop HVACs is they’re modular. The modular design gives you the freedom to add to the HVAC system if you ever choose to expand or redesign your building. It also allows you to install the modules separately in several different locations on the roof. This can be helpful if you need to change how space on your roof is used or when you need to make an adjustment to compensate for the building’s heating and cooling load requirements. 

Ease of Maintenance

All air handling units need professional preventative maintenance at least once a year to avoid mechanical problems, maintain efficiency, and prevent wear and tear. With rooftop HVAC units, technicians have easy access to every component of the system. That means there’s no need for the technician to search for individual units throughout the property. In addition, the technician only has to enter your building in order to get to the rooftop. They can perform all of their work outside, out of sight from employees and customers. 

Less Noise

Less noise pollution may be enough of a reason to justify going with a rooftop system over other options. Rtu HVACs are known to be quieter than other types of HVACs as most of the noise is produced outside rather than inside the building. They still make sound, but the sound is less distinguishable. However, the amount of sound a rtu HVAC makes inside your building depends on if the unit was installed correctly.  

Increased Security

The security of your HVAC is something that’s easy to overlook. No one expects that a random passerby will suddenly get the urge to vandalize, steal, or damage your unit. However, it does occasionally happen and it can prove costly for your business if you have to fix the situation. Ground-based HVACs are the most at risk of succumbing to vandals. Roof-mounted units are the more secure option as your system is less visible from the ground. Not to mention, wrongdoers would need to gain access to your roof first before they could engage in criminal activity.     

Better Energy Efficiency

Possibly the most compelling argument for rooftop HVAC installation is energy efficiency. These units are able to make better use of outdoor air conditions. They also come with plenty of energy-saving and performance-enhancing features. The more efficient your HVAC runs, the less power it needs to perform its job. The result is lower monthly energy bills. Given that HVAC units make up a large part of your monthly electrical usage, this is a pretty big deal.

Your One-Stop Solution for RTU HVAC Services 

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