Seasonal maintenance and inspections are critical to keeping your HVAC system at peak efficiency.

Spring is a critical transition time for your HVAC system. Your heater has been working hard all winter keeping the bitter cold at bay. But in our experience, it isn’t safe to assume that even though the AC sat idle all winter that it is going to work as well as it did at the end of last summer. Before you flip the switch from “heat” to “cool”, it is important to schedule a seasonal HVAC inspection with A&G Piping.

It is a common misconception that HVAC professionals are busiest during the height of summer and winter months when commercial HVAC systems everywhere are working overtime to keep things comfortable indoors. The truth is spring and autumn can be just as busy as customers want to make sure their systems are ready for the next season.

What Will Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Do For Your System?

You will get peace of mind that everything is in working order

Chances are, your AC has sat idle all winter. The outside units have had to endure cold temperatures, blowing winds, driving snow, and standing water that melts in the sunlight only to refreeze at night. The outside unit may even have debris inside and on it. None of this is good for exposed machinery and over the winter months, your system can have sustained some significant damage.

By keeping your system in good running order, you prolong its life

Your HVAC system is designed to last 10-15 years and with regular seasonal maintenance, you can make sure it serves your needs this long, or even longer. Routine maintenance will spot common faults and issues early when the parts that need to be repaired or replaced are routine and inexpensive. The alternative is to let these minor issues grow into major ones which can lead to decreased efficiency, outages, and even costly repairs down the road.

Inspecting your ductwork will expose any leaks

The same ducts that carried warm air in the winter will keep things cool in the summer and seasonal maintenance is a great time to make sure everything is efficient and working properly. Winter tends to be the season that lets dust build up in the ductwork system. This affects indoor air quality and your A&G Piping technician may recommend a thorough duct cleaning, resealing, or insulation.

Find out how your heater handled the winter

Your heating system went through a prolonged period of use and our inspection will give it a thorough check-up. It had to start and stop dozens of times during the day trying to maintain a constant thermostat temperature. A seasonal inspection by a trained hvac technician in the spring is the ideal time to see what kind of wear and tear the system experienced over the winter. If any parts need to be replaced, now is the time to replace them when the days are getting warmer and sunnier and the need for the heat diminishes

Beat the Rush, Schedule a Thorough HVAC Inspection with A&G Piping Today!

The warmer the days become, the more our customers realize they need us to come inspect their system. Seasonal inspections are important to keeping an efficient, effective HVAC system that will last you a long time. So call us and schedule your yearly heating and air conditioning inspection today.