Winter is past us, and spring is just around the corner. You are sitting there thinking about warm weather, springtime, flowers, vacations, swimming, and any other events that are planned. However, the most important thing isn’t even on your mind. Your chillers and air conditioners. Without these working properly, you can kiss all those other plans goodbye due to fixing equipment, installing new equipment, and your office space becoming miserably hot. Don’t let that happen. Plan ahead. Here are some reasons why you should already be planning your inspections and services for your chillers and AC units.


  1. Your chillers are the most important piece of equipment for the cooling of your large office buildings and space. If the chillers are not working, neither is your air conditioning unit. This could cause a huge break in the production of your company. Not only will it become overwhelmingly hot for your employees, but also your file rooms and other equipment areas may overheat and break down. This could cause more expenses and time away from production.
  2. Always work one season ahead.This way you will never get caught off guard with unexpected maintenance. Not only does this make your life a lot easier, it also helps prepare your budget for the next quarter. If you know exactly what maintenance needs to be done and when it needs to be done by, you won’t have any unexpected spending or breakdowns. You will also be completely prepared for every season to come.
  3. Chillers are very complex.Not only are they large and expensive pieces of equipment, they are also very complex and can use more energy than any other piece of HVAC equipment. So, these need to be maintained to make sure they are functioning properly. It is much better to find an issue now when there is time to fix it, rather than find an issue in the spring/summer when you need it and can’t use it.
  4. Cost savings.Chillers are by far the largest consumer of power and the most expensive piece of equipment in your facility. Proper inspection of your chillers will prevent you from spending extra time or extra budget on this very important piece of equipment. If your inspections are not done, chillers can use almost double of the energy they are supposed to. Thus, causing them to break down twice as fast, costing your company more money and time than need be.


By performing regular maintenance of your chiller and other HVAC systems, you can decrease your energy costs, reduce power loads, and save money on labor and equipment. A maintenance program helps a facility by extending the life of the HVAC system and reducing energy consumption throughout the year.


Contact A&G Piping today for a free inspection of your facility and systems to make sure that all your equipment will be running correctly come spring and summer time. We look forward to hearing from you.