Take Control Of Your Building With A&G Controls

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Tridium is a wide-ranging management and control set that organizes the development of automation, security, and energy operations of a building, through the medium of a single software platform. It incorporates a wide range of distinctive devices and systems, irrespective of the manufacturing company or communications protocol, into an integrated platform that can be conveniently administered and controlled through the internet with the use of a standard website browser.

Tridium Certified

One of the most well known building automation companies trusts us with its platform.

A&G Controls

A&G Control is your very own association with a unified platform complex, which incorporates all your HVAC, lighting, and security systems. Along with that, we offer continued support to the development of controls in the building, and all these controls can be conveniently linked to the platform of Tridium. Tridium is the global leader in business application frameworks, evolving open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our innovations have profoundly transformed the way businesses connect and control devices and systems. Our control service allows individuals and devices to connect and collaborate like never before.

With A&G Controls, you will be empowered to automate, incorporate, monitor, and control all of your building systems, even in large size buildings or campuses. With A&G Controls, we can integrate our expertise in design, application of control system and our engineering proficiency to upgrade lighting systems for full integration with the Control system. The implementation of small energy management system (EMS) and extensive building management system (BMS), troubleshooting, repair, retrofit, and new installation offers our customers the analytics and information they need to fully understand their buildings.