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Automated Controls Increase the Safety and Efficiency of Your Building

A commercial or industrial building generates many expenses that can be monitored and adjusted using building automation controls. A properly run building has to have comfortable heating and cooling for employees, yet at the same time be safe for equipment and products. Smoke and fire alarms have to be strategically placed, in perfect working order, and tied together so warnings can reach all occupants. The air should be free of all contaminants. Lights should be adequate to the task and quickly replaced if they fail. These are just some of the important functions an automated system allows you to monitor and control.

An intelligent building management system provides the control and insight you need to keep these processes performing their best. HVAC controls allow you to adjust when the building isn’t in use. Management systems can work in tandem with lighting and HVAC systems, which are considered the two major cost centers in building management.

A&G Offers the Best in Automated Building Controls

A&G Control is a unified building control complex, which is an interface that incorporates all your HVAC, lighting, and security systems. To provide the best control systems to our customers, we are proud to offer Tridium—a global leader in building automation. Tridium allows you to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the processes in your building. This service provides business application frameworks, which are evolving open environments that give you total control and analysis of any number of building and process controls.

These innovations keep occupants safe and productive in any space or environment, offering configurable controls that integrate seamlessly with smart equipment to achieve smart buildings. Tridium has profoundly transformed the way businesses connect and control devices and systems, and the Tridium control service allows individuals and devices to connect and collaborate like never before.

With A&G Controls, you are empowered to automate, incorporate, monitor, and control all your building systems, even in large buildings or campuses. With our service, we can integrate our expertise in design, application of control system, and our engineering proficiency to upgrade lighting systems for full integration with the Control system.

The implementation of small energy management system (EMS) and extensive building management system (BMS), troubleshooting, repair, retrofit, and new installation offers our customers the analytics and information they need to fully understand their buildings.

What Is Tridium Certification?

Tridium is a wide-ranging management and control set that organizes automation, security, and energy operations of a building through a single software platform. It incorporates a wide range of distinctive devices and systems—regardless of the manufacturing company or communications protocol—into an integrated platform that can be administered and controlled through the internet with a standard web browser. At A&G Piping, we’re proud to say we are Tridium Certified.

What Does Tridium Certification Mean?

There are many types of certifications and standards, but for building controls and services, Tridium certification is one of the most important. Obtaining this particular certification is difficult and requires a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise in building automation services. However, once achieved, it ensures the technicians working on your building are the best equipped to make sure you’re getting the most from your building automation.


Operate all your infrastructure from a single interface

HVAC, security, lighting, access, air quality, and building safety, all at your fingertips.


Building Control Systems Translate Into Cost Savings

Efficiency is key to gaining an edge in today’s economy. One way you can maintain that edge over your competitors is to have a facility that is efficient, modern, and on the cutting edge of technology. The smarter technology becomes, the easier it is to manage your building’s major functions, analyze your energy consumption, and take action. At A&G Piping, we can install the systems and solutions you need to optimize the efficiency and functionality of your building.

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