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Practice Preventive Boiler Maintenance

In the winter months, it’s important to ensure your boiler system is in proper working condition. As the temperature drops, the colder weather will lead to increased boiler usage and higher utility bills. If you are a business owner or facility manager, this can hamper your entire operation. When you partner with us, that will never happen.

A&G Piping can put together a boiler maintenance program that keeps your facility functioning well.

A boiler is a focal point for your heating and cooling. Don’t let it burn out.

Trust A&G to keep it running smoothly.

The Maintenance Process

Routine maintenance is especially important during the winter. There are many components to your gas boiler, so we make sure that they are all working correctly. Make sure to practice these procedures once the weather starts to take a dip:

Examine Your Electrical Controls:

Keep a close eye on all electrical connections. Make sure all wiring is intact and that there are no loose connections. Monitor the electrical wires to make sure that there’s no overheating. This can melt your wires and potentially lead to more serious problems down the road. If this is the case, you made need to replace some burner controls.

Inspect the Inner Workings of the Burner:

Make a routine inspection on the burner system itself. Remove the burner so you can make enough room for a complete inspection. This gives you a chance to make adjustments to the combustion control panel.

Check All Flue Passages and Vent Pipes:

The flue passage will show you if the boiler is burning properly and the vent pipe is responsible for producing comfortable air flow. Keep a sharp eye on the flue gas and clean out any clutter that may clog the passageway. Make sure to dry out the vent pipes, because if there’s too much moisture, this means the system is running too cold.

Monitor Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide Levels:

An adequate amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is needed to keep your boiler system running well. You should have no more than 10% carbon dioxide and less than 20 parts per million carbon monoxide in your flue gas intake.

Enjoy the Results:

Practicing this maintenance protocol will improve the quality of life of your boiler. Routine cleanings, wire replacement, and water and gas replenishment will help your boiler produce comfortable levels of heat for your building.

Tune Up Your Gas Boiler with A&G

Use a custom gas boiler maintenance plan for your facility this winter. Contact our technicians and we’ll put together a plan that makes sense. Give us a call at 817-551-5000.