If you’re not adopting new technology to refine your approach to your projects, then you’re already behind the times. Cutting-edge technology designed to streamline your process isn’t there to make things more complicated—proactively seeking out new ways to simplify your planning and design processes are crucial for your building construction. Understanding and applying specific construction technology including building information modeling (BIM), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile devices and applications can be a huge boon for your next project if properly utilized. Construction trends in 2018 are all about modernizing the way you do business—don’t get left behind with outdated methodology and equipment. Here are some new exciting ways you can boost your next project with state-of-the-art technology.


  • Drone Surveying: Gone are the days when unpleasant surprises were just waiting in the wings on your project. Whether they’re remotely controlled or flown autonomously, drones provide exact details for your construction area to help you stay in front of any potential hazards or issues that could cause work stoppages. Real-time data analysis is crucial for maintaining a tight schedule, and drones provide detailed reporting that can’t be matched by an on-ground surveyor.
  • Software applications: Cutting-edge applications including anti-collision software and comprehensive planning solutions improve workflow without torpedoing your budget. Although new applications may cost more upfront, the time and resources you’ll be able to save help you complete your project in efficient, cost-effective fashion.
  • BIM: BIM technology allows your team to draw from an extensive database to improve scheduling, site planning, and more. Connecting your mobile devices to BIM models enables real-time sharing, for up-to-date building data and simpler project tracking.
  • 3D Model Printers and AI: 3D printers can help your project deliver cutting-edge results with less time spent on specific projects. Artificial intelligence solutions are compatible with 3D printers and can produce a host of unique materials for your building. Robotic solutions can also assist with demolition, excavation, and more.
  • Mobile Sharing: Do you have employees working remotely at a different site? Stay on track with important personnel by enabling mobile sharing on your devices. You’ll never have to worry about important information being lost in the shuffle. Sharing information in a timely fashion can speed up projects, improve feedback, and allow you to pivot in a different direction if necessary.