Days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing colors, and the temperature is slowly beginning to drop. The first signs of fall are here. Is your boiler ready to keep your building warm as the cold weather approaches? With preventative boiler maintenance, you can ensure your facility’s main source of heat stays running when you need it the most.

The Importance of Scheduling Boiler Maintenance

Just like in the summer with your air conditioner (AC), your boiler is most likely to malfunction or break down during the part of the year when you use it the most. As experts in boiler maintenance, no one understands this better than the technicians at A&G Piping. We want you to stay comfortable all year long. That’s why we recommend scheduling preventative boiler maintenance when the fall season comes around. 

Typically, preventative industrial boiler maintenance includes these services:

  • An examination of the electrical controls
  • Inspection of the burner
  • A check of the flue passages and vent pipes
  • A check on the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide levels 

This not only keeps your boiler in working order, but also helps to prolong its lifespan. However, these aren’t the only benefits you can expect from this service. Here are a few reasons why performing preventative maintenance on your boiler is so important for your business:

Energy Savings

One of the biggest contributors to your monthly energy bill is your heating and cooling system. It takes a lot of energy to keep your building warm. It takes even more energy if your boiler isn’t running efficiently. Certain factors like leaks, sediment, and corrosion can all affect efficiency. The less efficient your boiler is, the more energy it consumes to perform its job. With preventative maintenance, a professional will inspect your system and fix anything that could make it less efficient.  

Prevent Breakdowns

Another way preventative maintenance can save you money is by helping you avoid the cost of fixing a broken boiler system. During a fall checkup, your technician can perform repairs where needed. The point is to take care of developing issues before they have a chance to escalate into full-fledged problems that can result in breakdowns. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a few minor repairs than pay for the replacement of whole parts or the entire system itself?

Tuning up, cleaning, and testing the functionality of your system doesn’t just prevent breakdowns, however. Keeping your boiler in tip-top shape can add years to its expected service life.

Prevent Hazards

Possibly the most important reason to consider fall maintenance for your boiler is to protect your staff from potential hazards associated with your system. Byproducts from incomplete combustion, like carbon monoxide, can be lethal if your employees are exposed to the gas. With a fall inspection, a professional will be able to identify and repair issues with key components like your safety valve, heat exchanger, fuel burners, and more. Giving you peace of mind that you and your team members are working in a safe environment.

Availability of Technicians

Most people don’t think about their boiler systems during the late summer and early fall because of the warm weather. This is beneficial for you as boiler technicians tend to be less busy around this time. That means you can call and schedule a technician to come to your facility within a relatively short time frame. 

As the temperature drops, these technicians become much more difficult to contact because the number of emergency service calls increase throughout the season. So if you didn’t have maintenance performed on your system before the peak of the season and something goes wrong, you could be left waiting for a technician to free up some time in their schedule to fit you in.  

For Your Preventative Boiler Maintenance Needs, Turn to A&G Piping

At A&G Piping, we offer the preventative maintenance you need to keep your boiler operational through even the coldest days of the year. Our technicians will work with you to set up a maintenance program that works for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and what we can do for you, contact us today!