When a pipe becomes congested and a plunger won’t do the trick, the next best option is likely a hydro jetter. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear a blocked drain. A plumbing technician can use other tools, but they don’t provide the benefits that come with hydro jetting. 

Hydro Jetting and Commercial Plumbing Services

For tough plumbing issues, industrial plumbing contractors will determine the best course of action to remove a blockage. While plumbing augers—also known as snakes—are more conventional, hydro jetters are more effective at removing obstructions. In addition to hydro jetters being more effective, a plumber may choose them over other options for different reasons.  

Drain Cleaning

In most highly used drains, you’ll find an accumulation of soap, dirt, grease, and other common components of sludge. Sludge tends to congeal on the sides of a pipe, which can make it easier for clogs to occur because they narrow water flow through the pipe. Since hydro jetters use highly pressurized water to remove blockages, they can clean sludge off the pipe while removing the clog. 

Eliminates Bad Odors

The sediment and mineral deposits that accumulate in a pipe create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can cause foul odors that permeate a room. Lingering odors aren’t the worst part, however. In some cases, the stench can cause certain health problems, such as respiratory issues. When a hydro jetter removes the sludge, it also removes the odor-causing bacteria.

Powerful Enough to Clean Underground Pipes

Hydro jetters work by blasting highly pressurized water into the clogged drain. To do this, a technician inserts a special hose into the drain. The water leaves the hydro jetter’s cleaning nozzle at more than 7,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and up to 60,000 PSI. The intense pressure exerted by the water allows the hydro jetter to clean underground pipes, making it unnecessary for a plumbing company to dig up the land outside of your building to get to those pipes. 

Efficient and Saves Money

When a plumbing auger is used to remove a clog, the auger will simply break the obstruction into debris. This method works for eliminating the jam but fails to dispose of the grime on the sides of the pipe. As a result, there’s a good chance the pipe will get blocked again in the near future. This means you’ll probably end up needing to spend more money to fix the same problem. It only takes a hydro jetter a single pipe cleaning to eliminate the clog and the sludge. 

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